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Minimum Intervention Dentistry

Minimum Intervention Dentistry

Incorporating Recaldent amorphous calcium phosphate products can help fight caries in high-risk patients.

In the new millennium, there is an ever-increasing range of products available to assist us with the management of oral diseases. We have all had those challenging patients in whom the use of fluoride alone has not controlled their dental caries. For these patients, the new group of amorphous calcium phosphate products are helpful, especially when combined with fluorides, saliva substitutes, stimulants, and antimicrobials using the philosophy of minimal intervention dentistry.

What is MID?

MID uses a medical model for oral disease control and comprises:

  • oral disease risk assessment with early detection and prevention;
  • external and internal remineralization therapy;
  • use of a range of restorations, dental materials, and equipment; and
  • surgical intervention only after disease is controlled.