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Early White-Spot Decay Lesions

Early White-Spot Decay Lesions

Tooth decay: white spots as a sign

If you have noticed a few white spots on your teeth (of course, it’s better to consult your dentist) — it can be a sign of demineralized tooth enamel as a result of bacterial attack. Such spots are a usual thing for people after orthodontic treatment. It is explained by extreme difficulties these people experience trying to remove the bacterial plaque, because of braces it’s not that easy to do that. In this case plaque accumulates closer to the gums.

The cause of white spots in most cases in de-calcification because of plaque accumulation on the teeth enamel. It means that your tooth enamels lacks minerals, especially calcium. When the plaque isn’t removed by proper dental care it starts destroying your teeth. Bacterial plague is a rough film you can feel on your teeth already in the afternoon having brushed your teeth in the morning. Depending on how strong and healthy your enamel is, it may take time for demineralization to take place. But it is very likely to happen.

If you leave demineralization unattended, it may lead to serious consequences, such as a cavity, tooth destruction and serious complications. White spots are usually a sign of demineralization. The only thing to find it out — is to visit Noranda Dental Clinic.